The Fetal and Neonatal Surgery Laboratory was initially set up in April 2003 at the State University of Campinas and installed at the FMRP-USP in February 2010. Its name is in honor of Prof. Michael R. Harrison from UCSF, considered the father of fetal surgery. The lines of research developed in the laboratory are experimental models of surgically created or drug-induced birth defects. The most studied diseases are congenital diaphragmatic hernia (in rats – induced by nitrofen and rabbits-surgically created), gastroschisis (surgically created in rats), meningomyelocele (surgically created in rats), and necrotizing enterocolitis (induced in rats and mice). FAPESP and CNPq have provided R$600,000.00 for this research project since its creation. During its nine years of operation, it has trained nine students of scientific initiation with scholarships, five Masters, seven doctors, and one postdoctoral.

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Lourenço Sbragia Neto

Laboratório do Prof. Lourenço 1

Laboratório do Prof. Lourenço 3