The course of strict graduate sense, both at Master level to Doctoral, was started in 1971, during which the Department was Chaired by Prof. Dr. Sylvio Vergueiro Forjaz. Until then, obtaining the title of Doctor depended on the defense of a thesis guided by a tutor, but there was no requirement of credit accumulation for the service to a formal course. With the change, the new mode of teaching, sought to training teachers based not only on pedagogical, but especially in the preparation of the researcher. Both subjects taught, as theses and dissertations developed are directly related to the research lines of the guiding teacher.

This relationship has provided, particularly in the last three years, better efficiency of training of the students in the subjects taught, and also better prepare the researcher during the development stages of research, either clinical or experimental. With features achieved by some program teachers, together with the development agencies, we have achieved the necessary infrastructure to offer the next ideal conditions for the work of graduate student and teaching.

The graduate program of the department was recently re-structured, not only to monitor the progress that has occurred in the area of ​​knowledge as well as to suit the departmental restructuring that created the Department of Surgery and Anatomy. The reestruração included in the area of ​​concentration in Surgery, creating two distinct options: Surgery and Morphology and Experimental Medicine.

New advisors were accredited in the area with a more appropriate profile for the second option, also expanding the supply of laboratories to develop dissertations and theses and expanding the field of research in the department. Since then, the department has completed the training of 252 Masters and 254 Doctors and in the last 03 years there were 74 titles (37 masters and 37 PhDs), which are scattered throughout the country.

A graduate and contribute to the improvement of qualification of the active faculty in the country, also stimulated research in scope departmental.