Code / Name Taught in:
RCA5728 – Hydrocephalus Children and Experimental. Morphological aspects and Clinical Research and Experimental Portuguese
RCA5734 – Microsurgery Experimental Primary Portuguese
RCA5760 – Hepatic Regeneration. Translational Research Portuguese
RCA5766 – Region Neoplasms Seal and parasellar Portuguese
RCA5772 – Clinical and Experimental Investigation of Bili-Pancreatic Confluence Obstruction and Critical Analysis of Treatments by Systematic Literature Review Portuguese
RCA5780 – Ischemia and Reperfusion of Member Portuguese
RCA5785 – Scientific Writing Portuguese
RCA5794 – Advanced Topics and Scientific Methodology in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Portuguese
RCA5799 – Short Bowel Syndrome: Experimental Models Portuguese
RCA5801 – Advances Diagnostic and Therapeutic Obstructions of the Via Left Ventricular output, the Paediatric Population Portuguese
RCA5802 – Anatomical Molecular Basis of Epilepsy Surgery in Children Portuguese
RCA5803 – Animal Models of Research in Neurosurgery Portuguese
RCA5804 – Basic Biostatistics Portuguese
RCA5805 – Applied Oncology Portuguese
RCA5807 – Endothelial dysfunction vasoplegic Portuguese
RCA5809 – Inflammation of the Role of Research Methods in the Pathogenesis of Vascular Diseases Portuguese
RCA5811 – Methods of Investigation in the Prevention and Treatment of Complex Wounds Portuguese
RCA5812 – Methodological Principles in the Elaboration of Research Projects Portuguese
RCA5813 – Experimental Cerebral Ischemia Portuguese